Juvenile Epilepsy Awareness

My Subscription 3 month and 6 month box plans available $70.00. Only charged the month you receive a box)

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Every 3 months or 6  months (based on the subscription you choose) you will receive a personalized gift box that includes

-1 soy woodwick candle. (100% natural) JEA made or a local artist collaboration brand.

-1 t shirt  or sweatshirt with a seasonal theme (size defaults to large-you can change when setting up your account) 

- 3 large soy tarts 

-custom handmade jewelry item or 2.  (JEA made or partner brand collaboration) 

- 1-5 mystery gifts  

- at least 3 products will be designed and showcased by local artists and entrepreneurs. 

$130+$value but you get it for the  price of $70.00. $75 for 2xl