Juvenile Epilepsy Awareness

Epilepsy in college

I am getting lots of questions about Epilepsy and how to manage this in college!  Often times people with Epilepsy see an increase in seizure activity during these years.   The factors that play into this are: crazy sleep patterns with social life, studying, and just being more independent! Perhaps missed meds, stress, and just not being under the more watchful eyes of parents! 🤷🏼‍♀️    This is very common and having the individual take ownership of what their individual needs are is soooooo important.  Knowing triggers and how to manage the lifestyle aspects are just as important as the medications!    I would love to know what questions people have on this topic or if you would like any techniques for helping to manage these times.   It can be a very hard adjustment for a caregiver too.   Trusting their independence! Trusting their knowledge! Trusting the process that they are supporting their child to not be held back and to live a full, happy, and goal oriented life!  Having faith over fear is sooooo much much easier said than done!   💜🌈

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